© Cometel s.r.l. 2012 Componenti Meccanici per Telecomunicazioni Viale Tommaso Edison 627 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MILANO) – Italy P.I. 07836860010 MECHANICAL COMPONENTS MICROWAVE FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMETEL S.r.l founded in 1985 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified has been one of the first Italian companies operating in the area of Mechanical Components Microwave for Telecommunications. Our main activity relates to the microwave sector, we produce straight sections  and fittings of high quality in rectangular rigid, flexible and rubber coated flexible waveguide. Of particular interest are bends (with very tight radius of curvature without using cast bend ) and  twists (in small sizes). Thanks to the technology that we developed, these products have curvatures and torsions of the requested size without causing sensitive alterations to the electrical characteristics of the waveguide. The waveguide component range that we produce is not limited to the foregoing, but is enriched and supplemented by the production of flanged fittings on the customer's specifications in rectangular rigid, flexible and rubber coated flexible waveguide . Among all the components produced by COMETEL, following both the Customer's specifications and its own design, there are also filters in waveguide and circulators, waveguide to waveguide adapters, waveguide to coaxial adapters, terminations and feeds for parabolic antennas with single and dual polarization. Since 1988 COMETEL has also developed a technology for the production of rectangular flexible waveguide "SEAMLESS" type, in lengths from 0.95 m to 1.25 m. This technology allows us to obtain flexible waveguides of the following dimensions: R400-WR22, R320-WR28, R260-WR34, R220-WR42, R180-WR51, R140-WR62,  R120-WR75, R100-WR90, R84-WR112, R70-WR137, R48-WR187, R40-WR229, R32-WR284