MECHANICAL COMPONENTS MICROWAVE FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS © Cometel s.r.l. 2012 Componenti Meccanici per Telecomunicazioni Viale Tommaso Edison 627 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MILANO) – Italy P.I. 07836860010 Thanks to the wealth of knowledge developed over 25 years of business and to its high production flexibility, Cometel is currently able to supply microwave components and assemblies according its own specifications or the customer’s design, can respond quickly for supplying both large series and single prototypes, providing the necessary technical documentation for all products. Cometel is capable to realize microwave components and assemblies which cover the main frequency ranges from 3Ghz to 50 GHz. The waveguide products may be in copper, brass and aluminum alloys. Surface treatments like polishing, passivation and silver plating are also available. As regards the production of flexible waveguide in brass, copper/beryllium and phosphor bronze Cometel can boast the exclusivity for manufacture machines of its own design and construction  which guarantee a high standard of product quality. The production cycle includes appropriate intermediate and final tests, dimensional, electrical and RF. These tests are internally performed on all products through a complete and advanced test instruments like network analyzers and DEA - dimensional control machine. The testing equipments are subjected to regular calibration, in compliance with the strictest quality standards.